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EEE surge blamed on economy

February 1, 2011

Cases increase from 0 to 55 in one year; state vet says owners are skimping on vaccinations Jan 1, 2011 By: Chris Sweeney DVM NEWSMAGAZINE LANSING, MICH. — The effects of Michigan’s woeful economy are far reaching. State unemployment is in the double digits, industries have been gutted, and horse owners may be failing to properly [...]

Swine Flue In Horses – Not Likely

October 9, 2010

by: Erin Ryder Can horses get swine flu? Probably not, said Tom Chambers, PhD, who heads the OIE Reference Laboratory for Equine Influenza at the University of Kentucky’s Gluck Equine Research Center in Lexington. Influenza viruses have an amazing ability to mutate and change their characteristics, so scientists who study them never say “never.”